Arte 16/7

Hoy en arte hicimos dibujo libre y como no me sentía del todo bien, sentí que podía expresar como me sentía a través de mi dibujo:

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En Geografía, la profesora nos asignó en grupos de a 3 para trabajar sobre una ecorregión en específico. En una presentación debíamos explicar el relieve, el clima y la flora y la fauna de esa ecorregión. En nuestro caso, la selva:

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The Start of World War One: Looking back on my work.

Choose 3 different activities that in your view helped you best understand the complexities of the start of WW1:

  • Thinking Skills: Parts of the whole: In this activity, Lenny assigned each group one cause of WW1 so to analyse it on their own. This helped me a lot because it made me understand the start of the war from another perspective, and also, to realize that each cause was essential in its own way for the outbreak of the war.
  • Rounding up the Causes of WW1: In this activity, Lenny assigned us in groups of 4 so to order all the causes we had learned in a chronological way in a program called Genially. This helped me understand a little more what the pathway of the causes were, and also, to understand it more as a whole story and not as separate parts without any sense. Because, before that activity, I knew all the reasons that caused WW1 but I did not fully understand how one thing led to another and this helped me a lot.
  • Essay Writing: This activity was super challenging but in a good way, as it helped me fundament everything I knew about what we have been studying since the beginning of the year. Also, it was a bit difficult, since, I am very insecure and afraid to say what I think because I feel that it is wrong and, that kinda played against me when writing this essay. But I am satisfied with the result and what I was able to support.

Choose 1 activity that you could have done in a better way and explain why it did not work so well.

  • The Origins of WW1. Team A: This activity was the test. It wasn’t my best and I know that. I was nervous because we had only 40 minutes to complete it and most of that time I spent it in completing just one exercise with MANY unnecessary details, so I stressed a lot and just gave up. Luckily, Lenny gave us the opportunity to correct and complete everything we couldn’t the day of the test in the next class, but obviously, it wasn’t the same feeling because correcting the test you fail and having a good mark is not the same as making the “official” test at that moment and having a good mark.

Self-evaluation. Evaluate your performance from 1 to 10 in the light of the following:

  1. Your attendance to class, your participation both individually and also in group work.
  2. The quality of the material you presented as well as that of your individual class and group contributions. 

I think I would give myself and 8.50 because even though I do not always contribute things when we are in Meets because I’d rather listen and learn from what Lenny is trying to explain than always having to add things and to interrupt. Also, I’m very shy and silent. Based on the quality of my work, I think it is very good because I am always trying to make it as complete as possible and if we work in groups I’m always trying to help and contribute ideas too. So to summarize, I’m always trying my best and I think that’s more important than always having the best results

I think about this quote every time I fail because I know I’m trying my best and maybe next time I can do it better because I learn what to do and what not to do 🙂

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Mi actividad preferida de Lengua durante el primer cuatrimestre

La actividad que más me gustó fue la oportunidad de inventar nuestro propio cuento policial basándonos en los que estuvimos aprendiendo acerca de este. Me pareció una actividad super divertida y desafiante, ya que, era nuestro momento de aplicar todo lo aprendido acerca de los diferentes relatos policiales y, también, de ser creativos y originales para crear nuestro propio relato. A mí me gustó mucho mi cuento.

Me pareció entretenido y además, mientras lo escribía, sentía como que estaba viéndolo en vivo y en directo y creo que eso lo transmití a mi escritura.

Mi cuento

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Arte 29/6

Hoy en clase de Arte hicimos dibujo libre. Este es mi dibujo:

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Arte 19/6

Hoy en Arte, me puse creativa e hice un dibujo inspirado en el tiempo y como el valor que tiene puede cambiar tu vida tan facilmente:

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Como represento al océano

Hoy, la profesora de Geografía nos pido realizar un collage que represente lo qué es para nosotros el océano:

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Countries before WW1

Sofi, Emi, Mate and I did a presentation about Great Britain:

We talked about the history of the flag, the leaders, the strong points, worries and concerns, plans and ambitions, and their main enemies. I honestly think we did a great job developing the presentation because we all knew what we were talking about. I think I evaluate myself with a 9 because I participated and helped a lot while preparing the presentation. Perhaps when we presented orally, I had some grammar mistakes or didn´t quite speak a lot but I think we generally did it pretty great

My notes:

Austria Hungary (Fran, Nica, Mery, and Luchi)

Flag → May 1st of 1859 → Duke Leopold V.

  • White = Hungary’s rivals.
  • Green = The mountains.
  • Red = Bloodshed/murder in its battles.

Family tree:

  • Franz Karl had 5 kids.

Strong points:

  • A strong empire and army
  • Many colonies and territory
  • Was allied with Germany

Worries or concerns:

  • The aggression of Serbia
  • Lack of
    • Economy
    • Political
    • Social union
  • Russia:
    • She was a big Empire 
    • Joined with Austria-Hungary

Plans and ambitions:

  • Conquer Bosnia
  • Win more territory, colonies, power and control
  • Scare other countries

Main enemies and why:

  • France: 
    • Germany´s enemy → AH´s Allie
  • Great Britain:
    • Powerful
    • Many resources
    • Many colonies
    • Enemy of Germany
  • Russia:
    • Huge neighbor
    • Powerful
    • Angry

France (Carmela, Tuni, Oli and Thomas)


  • First version → 1914
  • Current version → 2020 
  • Blue → liberty.
  • Red → fraternity.
  • White → equality.


  • Raymond Poincaré → 1860 to 1934
    • President → 1913 to 1920.
    • Deputy →  1887.

Strong Points

  • She was part of the Triple Entente
  • Had a military alliance with Russia
  • She had a lot of territory
  • The Triple Entente surrounded the Triple Alliance

Worries or Concerns:

  • Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy → Triple Alliance

Plans and Ambitions:

  • Getting back Alsace-Lorraine.
  • To destroy Germany.

Main Enemies and Why:

  • Germany 
  • Austria-Hungary 
  • Italy 

Serbia (Feli, Lucia V, Franco and Dolo)

Flag → used from 1882 to 1918

  • Red → Bloodshed 
  • Blue → Clear sky
  • White → Dazzling bright light

Leader →  Nikola Pasic 

  • Leaded Serbia → 1889 to 1891
  • He was prime minister, politician and diplomatic → He was super important because he led Serbia to WW1
  • He wanted peace
  • Serbia tried to become an Allie with Austria-Hungary but because of the murder in Sarajevo, that didn´t happen.

Plans and ambitions 

  • To make the Austro Hungarian empire weaker → killing the Archduke Franz Ferdinand = Very successful.

Worries and concerns

  • Serbia was worried because Austria-Hungary and Germany (Allie) were angry → Franz Ferdinand assassination
  • Serbia had less weapons and army than Austria-Hungary and Germany

Strong points

  • Serbia´s victories in the Balkans Crisis
    • The Ottoman Empire
    • Bulgaria
  • Serbia had a lot of allies:
  1. Russia
  2. France → Belgium
  3. Montenegro
  4. Britain → Her empire

Main enemies and why

  • Austria-Hungary:
    • Because Serbia wanted territory in Bosnia but Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia so that Serbia couldn´t get what she wanted
    • Because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Germany:
    • Because she had an alliance with Austria-Hungary so both were against Serbia.

Russia (Iña, Vito and Beni)

Flag → 1705

  • First used as a title for Russian merchant ships
  • White → God
  • Blue → The king 
  • Red → People of Russia

Leader → Nicholas II (May 1868 to July 1918)

  • He made poor decisions.
  • He refused to accept any decrease in the absolute power he had.
  • He pointed himself leader so that he could take control of the military.

Strong points

  • She had big territory and population
  • Russia had alliances with very strong countries:
    • France
    • Great Britain  → TRIPLE ENTENTE
    • Russia

Worries and concerns

  • Their weak army 
  • The triple alliance (Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy) →  declared war on Russia.

Plans and ambitions

  • To take down the Ottoman Empire 
  • The triple entente declared war to Turkey because of the bombing of Russian Black Sea Ports → July 1914

Main enemies and why

  • The Triple Alliance → because they declared war to Russia
  • Turkey → Because of the bombing

Germany (Ambar, Mati, Martu and Manu)


  • First version (Prussia´s colours)→ 1871 to 1981
  • Current Version (symbolize a unites and democratic Germany) → 1949 to now

Leader → Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859 to 1941)

  • Most recognizable public figures of WW1
  • Bad relationship with his parents

Strong points

  • Military advantage
  • Legal system of Germany
  • Race, language, cultures and power
  • Empires were scared of Germany

Worries and concerns

  • Russian, English or French attacks
  • Economic problems

Plans and ambitions

  • To conquer France → Rivals since the Franco- Prussian war (1870)
  • Become a big European Empire
  • Conquer land from Belgium and turn it into slaves of the German Empire
  • Establish an economic alliance that would give a dominant position over all the economies of the nations.

Main enemies and why

  • France →  because Germany conquer part of the country 
  • Russia → Because she was allied with France so this made Russia an enemy of Germany too.
  • Britain → Because she was allied with France and Russia too → The Triple Entente.

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Arte 21/5

Hoy en arte, teniamos que dibujar algun mito. Un mito es una historia o relato tradicional que hace referenci a grandes eventos protagonizados por criaturas sobrenaturales o extraordinarias, como dioses, semidioses, héroes, monstruos o personajes de fantasía. y que intentan explicar hechos o fenómenos.

Yo elegi dibujar al dios Thor de los vikingos en la batalla contra los gigantes:

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Arte 18/5

Hoy Herni, el profesor de arte, nos dió la oportunidad de hacer un dibujo libre asi que, se me ocurrio volver a mi niñez y dibujar personajes de dibujitos animados:

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